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PhoenixNet lets you easily insure your property and business from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Sign up directly from your phone and you can be covered in a matter of seconds!

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Why Disaster Insurance?

The number of natural disasters is on the rise, and regular homeowner’s insurance leaves you exposed. PhoenixNet offers specialized home owner and small business insurance against disasters so that you can rest assured that your most important assets are covered!

Why PhoenixNet?

PhoenixNet goes beyond insurance with a full set of services to ensure that you are aware, covered and protected from natural disasters like fires, floods and ice.


PhoenixNet sends alerts of impending disasters so that you know about the possibility of disasters before they materialize


Quickly insure your home and your business directly from your phone, in a matter of seconds


Instantly contact first responders through the app with just a few taps to ensure that in the case of a disaster you are in the best hands available

Download PhoenixNet app

Download the PhoenixNet app for iOS or Android and easily insure your assets from natural disasters!