Insure your small business to protect everything you’ve built

Building a small business is no small feat. Protecting your investment is the only way to ensure peace of mind and concentrate on what’s really important – growth. Our disaster insurance for small businesses adds an additional layer of protection.

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PhoenixNet Disaster Insurance

PhoenixNet lets you easily insure your property and business from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Sign up directly from your phone and you can be covered in a matter of seconds!

Why PhoenixNet?

PhoenixNet goes beyond insurance with a full set of services to ensure that you are aware, covered and protected from natural disasters like fires, floods and ice.

3rd Parties

Covers general liability related to 3rd party claims against your business

Lost Revenues

In the event that your business has to close down for repairs following a natural disaster, you will be paid back for lost income

Business Property

Insures against damage to your business’ personal property (furniture, computers, etc.)

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Download the PhoenixNet app for iOS or Android and easily insure your assets from natural disasters!