PhoenixNet, a part of the Accuratek Group, helps protect citizens before and during an emergency. The solutions utilizes cutting edge risk assessment methodologies to make users aware of potential natural and man-made risks and disasters. The users can then plan ahead and purchase insurance products to make sure they will have the financial capacity to sustain potential threats. In addition, the solution directly integrates with emergency service providers, allowing citizens to notify in real time in case of emergency, providing then with the help they need with a minimal response time.

Accuratek Group

Based in Switzerland, Accuratek Group SA is a global risk management, emergency solutions and insurance brokerage firm that provides a digital ecosystem for reaching every dimension of the insurance industry and achieving superior performance. Accuratek Group covers the needs of insurance companies, healthcare and emergency response providers as well as individuals in a way that utilizes mobile, geolocation and risk management technologies to maximize and optimize network effects within insurance markets.


PhoenixNet’s solution leverages Accuratek Group’s international network of partners and service providers. This network is comprised of the world’s leading insurance providers as well as highly reputable local medical and emergency service providers in every region where PhoenixNet operates. These strategic partnerships in each operating country enable us to offer value-added, location-specific services.


Utilizing Accuratek Group’s extensive reach of worldwide partners and subsidiary companies enables PhoenixNet and its partners to quickly deploy innovative services and access new customers around the world.

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