Secure Storage and Flexible IoT Infrastructure

PhoenixNet is a high-security, multi-cloud data management and Internet of Things (IoT) platform, suitable to integrate with legacy systems.

Transform Secure Data Into Innovation

PhoenixNet deploys a multilayered framework providing various services and APIs across different levels on the IaaS pile; our secure cloud storage system integrates with existing legacy systems, allowing the configuration of new SaaS or enterprise applications.

Big Data and Internet of Things

Extraction of structured or unstructured information from a large number of sites, cataloging and indexing features to turn data into ideas

Secure Storage

Standalone secure storage solution, or integrated as a component of other customizable services

Compute Resources

Frictionless obtaining and configuration capacities

Multi-Cloud Interface

Start compute resources or use storage resources as on our private/public infrastructure as well as other 3rd-party cloud infrastructures

Tailor-made And Easy to Integratable

The PhoenixNet platform is comprised of a number of basic or advanced services that may be used stand-alone, or as building blocks for more complex, higher-level services, enabling the customization of the platform’s usage to clients worldwide. For added value, clients can utilize additional services: maintenance, risk management and multi-cloud management needs. Any client can use or combine features from our portfolio, host its own business code on PhoenixNet’s compute infrastructure, or store data in our storage system.

We provide clients with computational and storage resources in order to acquire and configure capacity with minimal friction; our clients have complete control over their computing resources. Our advanced and modern-day cloud storage affords the ability to store and retrieve almost any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Your Future Is On Our Cloud

PhoenixNet takes cloud storage beyond the 21st century, customizing its platform to include features that are suitable per client.

We Handle It All

From start to finish, we work directly with the customer, increasing safety and output from the get-go.

Stay Updated

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